AGOSCI is excited to announce a longstanding dream to rollout an AAC Mentors program.  This program will be AAC Communicators supporting AAC Communicators!  A regional approach will enable AAC Communicators around Australia to provide a more localised support model.  With 6 starting mentors, we aim to have most of Australia covered.  The Mentors will be supported by the AAC Communicator co-reps and the AGOSCI executive.  Like the executive, the mentors will be voluntary positions.


We are currently seeking EOIs from potential Mentors.  Please download the EOI application form and Terms of Reference, and get them back to us by 28th June 2021.

We hope to financially support as much as possible, if not fully, for each mentor to travel to the 2021 National Conference, and be accommodated.

More information is on the EOI  application form!


We plan to run a one day leadership training session during the preconference workshop sessions at the 2021 National Conference in Hobart, that being 1st September, from 1-5pm.

We envisage:

- As these roles are new, there will be scope for successful candidates to help shape how the roles look.  

- Although voluntary, expenses incurred to fulfill the role are expected to be reimbursed.

- That the support by provided by roles will be largely online.

For more information contact either:

Lisa Lehmann, AAC Communicator rep on

OR Darren Trentepohl, Chairperson, or 0492 864 255

UPDATED 12th June 2021

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