AGOSCI 2023 National Tour

Who: Cynthia Cress, AGOSCI 2023 National Tour speaker.

Where: In person workshops across

- Brisbane

- Sydney

- Melbourne

- Adelaide

- Perth


- An online workshop for all who can't attend in-person at those locations.

When: Starting 15th May, and finishing 2nd June 2023

About Cynthia Cress

Dr. Cynthia Cress is an associate professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, specializing in language, AAC and early intervention. She has provided workshops all over the country and internationally helping professionals provide communication services to some of the more puzzling children on our caseloads –early communicators, autistic communicators, and infants, toddlers and children with a variety of complex communication needs.

Dr. Cress researches patterns of communication in infants/toddlers with CCN and has provided clinical service for children and adults who rely on AAC for 30 years. Her research has been to develop new communication assessment tools to screen and assess basic communication in very early communicators of all ages, including children and adults.

Cynthia brings a wealth of clinical as well as theoretical experience to her workshops about services for early communicators, and she loves to be interrupted with practical questions that help you provide better service tomorrow - like, “But I have a child who…”

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