AGOSCI National Tour - March 2022

Understanding movements for accessing technology and communication

Presented by Fiona Beauchamp

Workshop Overview

Movement impacts all communication, whether it is gesture, sign, speech, targeting to a switch or using hand/eye movements to access a non electronic communication system or electronic communication system. All communication requires movement. What is challenging for many individuals who are neurodiverse, or have complex movement challenges is that their movements may be different or their sensory seeking/avoiding behaviours impacts how they access technology and communication.

This workshop will support participants to be able to understand movement challenges, how to observe the movements (including neurodiverse individuals) and learn some strategies to support access to technology and communication, which they can use straight away in practice. 

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Learning Opportunities

  1. Participants will have a greater understanding of a range of different movements and the impact this has on access to communication (electronic and non-electronic).
  2. Participants will have a greater understanding of strategies to support how to develop healthy movements to support long-term access.
  3. Participants will have a greater understanding of sensory processing and strategies to support access to communication.
  4. Participants will have a greater awareness of direct access and alternate access challenges and strategies.


Fiona Beauchamp is an occupational therapist with over 17 years experience working in private practice, education, adult services and early intervention.

Fiona is renowned for her expertise in supporting people with complex physical issues to access technology and augmentative and alternative communication.

Fiona's skills and expertise mean she is often the first point of call for allied health professionals and a range of schools across Australia for support, education, mentoring and consultation. 

Fiona is an experienced presenter, having presented at workshops, events and conferences both here in Australia and internationally.

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Workshop Locations and Details

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*We are offering an online workshop for those in regional/remote areas or who cannot attend an in-person workshop. This workshop will run LIVE at the end of the Tour, over 2 x half-day online sessions. 

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