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AGOSCI Virtual National Tour

March 2021

Is There A Better Way?

Exploring the role of communication for people with complex needs and behaviour that challenges

Workshop Overview

This workshop will explore the common factors experienced by people with a disability, their families and support network which often lead to the continuation of complex issues and behaviours which interfere with the person’s quality of life and wellbeing. 

It is well acknowledged that engaging in behaviours that challenge is a form of communication, but what does this actually mean in terms of understanding the reasons for behaviours and how we respond?

Jaquie and Debbie will address how different perceptions of behaviour functions will influence how we view the role of communication and therefore our approach to communication support.

Learning Opportunities

Jaquie and Debbie will take participants on a journey to reflect on the experiences of others as well as their own practice to explore:

  • A human rights and wellbeing approach to understanding the underlying needs of people with complex needs, with particular focus on the experiences of people from a neuroscience, biological and social perspective.

  • Why creating a communication accessible environment is only part of the solution.

  • Supporting the communication needs of people with behaviour that challenges from a systemic and underlying needs perspective.

  • Challenging our perspective of what is important when partnering with people, families and support people in working towards communication success.



Debbie Lobb Jaquie Mills


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