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Creativity and connection - An Agosci member webinar

  • 27 Feb 2023
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (AEDT)
  • Online via Zoom



Creativity and Connection

Using creative arts to foster relationships and connection

A free AGOSCI webinar - for members only

Presented by Claire Fraser

Webinar Overview

This 60 minute webinar, with time included for questions will cover a range of concepts and ideas related to creativity and how it can foster connection to self, others, and the world around us. We will explore how the creative arts can form an environment that promotes communication and relationships for people with complex communication needs.


Claire Fraser

Claire Fraser believes that creative arts are an underutilised resource that has the power to transform the wellbeing and mental health of people with congenital deafblindness and other complex disabilities. Claire has supported people with disability for twelve years, including as a support worker, educator and therapist. She currently works at Able Australia (a disability organisation offering specific services for the deafblind population) as an Art Therapist and a Deafblind Consultant. 

Claire is passionate about creating environments and relationships where people feel seen, heard, and understood. Claire uses relative arts modalities such as movement, tactile arts, and sound in combination with relationship building to support deafblind people to express, explore and connect with others, the world around them, and themselves. Claire is committed to using creative arts to address the desperate need for connection and engagement in deafblind people, as well as upskilling and empowering their families and carers.

In 2022 Claire presented at the National Deafblind Conference in Perth on “Creativity and connection as discovering learning and informing supports for people born deafblind. Claire holds a Master’s degree in Art Therapy from Latrobe University, a Bachelor’s in Applied Science (Disability) and Education (Primary), and a Diploma of Auslan and Deaf studies. Claire is a professionally registered Art Therapist, and in 2022 was recognised with the International Deafblind Youth Leadership Award. She is currently completing training in Video Interaction Guidance to support and strengthen relationships between disability support workers and the people they support. She was recently awarded a Churchill Fellowship the investigate the use of creative arts to improve wellbeing for people born deafblind.

Webinar Details

This is a LIVE 60 minute webinar, free for AGOSCI members to access.

A recording will be available to AGOSCI members afterwards.


AGOSCI is grateful to Claire for generously making time to present this information to our audience. 

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