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The AGOSCI webinar series is designed to promote skills and knowledge about AAC across all sectors of the Australian community.   All webinars are free to attend for AGOSCI members only.  Past webinars are available in the members-only section of the website.  Future webinars are usually available to register as soon as they are posted here.

Disclaimer:  the information presented in the webinars is the personal opinion of the presenter.


We are currently updating our webinar schedule for 2018. Please contact education@agosci.org.au if you would like to discuss delivering a webinar.

Janelle Sampson - Assessment and AAC - Where do we start? What am I looking for?

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 7:00 PM AEST

Where do we start when it comes to assessing people with Complex Communication Needs for the most appropriate AAC solution? Janelle Sampson has over 25 years experience as a Speech Pathologist and currently runs Two Way Street, a busy private practice in South Australia. She will present on considerations for assessment with regards to client/family centred practice and also within the context of AAC requirements. Participants will learn about the assessment process and outcome measurement approaches, as well as have the opportunity to post questions and discuss assessment challenges with Janelle.

Please take note of the start time -

  • 7:00 pm NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, QLD
  • 6:30pm SA, NT
  • 5:00pm WA

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1. Janelle Sampson - What is AAC, and what does it look like?  

Presented 17th February 2017. The first thing to know about AAC is what it should look like. Without knowing where you are heading, it’s often hard to prioritise the multitude of individualised considerations that you will need to make as you start or continue along the learning curve. It’s important to know what real and functional communication with AAC looks like, and also what it doesn’t look like. 

This first seminar in our series of ‘An Introduction to AAC’ will provide participants with examples and stories highlighting the use of augmentative and/or alternative modes for interaction, conversation, learning and participation. It will introduce participants to the variety of ways the messages can be conveyed from different types of technology or non-technology, to various access methods and environments. Without knowing what it looks like, how can we start a journey ourselves, or recommend appropriate supports for our clients. To quote Stephen Covey who wrote ‘7 habits of highly effective people’, we must begin with the end in mind.

The seminar will also discuss some simple strategies to get started, and the role of various players within that process i.e. The person using AAC, family, educators, peers and other service providers. 

2. Cathy Binger - Towards Cohesive Language Development in AAC.

This is a live recording of Cathy's keynote address at the 2017 AGOSCI conference.

Viewing tip - easiest to view on a large screen and good speakers.

3. Fiona Given - Being Part of the AACtion

July 2017. Fiona Given shares her keynote address from the AGOSCI 2017 conference about experience as an AAC user. She speaks frankly of the barriers experienced by multi-modal communicators in Australian society, as well as insight into what the future holds for AAC communicators.

4. Nick Bradbury - How I Became an AAC Communicator

September 2017. Nick Bradbury is a man in his 30’s who started his AAC journey as a child. He has established himself as an independent communicator through switch scanning (via his right knee). Nick shares with us his progression with communication devices and talks about his struggles and triumphs. He talks about what it means to achieve communicative competence, and will provide opportunities to answer questions. 

5. Barbara Solarsh and Georgia Burn (Scope) - Championing Communication Access for All

October 2017. Scope Australia have been leading Australia in their projects to promote communication access for people with complex communication needs. Barbara Solarsh (Communication Access Coordinator) and Georgia Burn (Communication Access Consultant) speak to us about the work that Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre and the Victorian Communication Access Network (CAN) has done over the last 8 years, including the Communication Access Symbol accreditation process which has now been awarded to over 200 Victorian businesses. With ambitions to spread these initiatives throughout Australia, Barb and Georgia will be available to discuss the process of awarding the Communication Access Symbol, how people with complex communication needs can get involved, and will discuss what the future holds for communication access in Australia, as well as your questions about communication access.

6. Gail Bennell - AAC and the NDIS - Surfing the Waves of Change

Thursday November 16th 2017. Register in members section of site.

With the NDIS getting into full swing across Australia, we are seeing change not only to the way things in disability are being done but also changes within the way the scheme itself is run. Gail Bennell is a speech pathologist, private practice coach and video podcaster who has worked with participants within the NDIS roll out in 3 states since 2013. She will discuss the NDIS Assistive Technology (including AAC) framework, the challenges of providing services in a rapidly changing environment, and the ways that participants and providers can survive (and thrive) in the waves of change. 

7. Siobhan Daley - Achieving Functional Communication Through Minspeak

Thu, March 15th, 2018 7:30 PM AEDT

Siobhan Daley is boccia athlete, an aspiring speech pathology student and an AAC user. She shares with us her journey in learning Minspeak and discussing the successes, challenges and technical aspects on how this method has worked for her and what has helped her in becoming proficient in this language.

To register to attend, login into the AGOSCI website with your membership details, and follow the dropdown menus to "members only section"

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