AGOSCI have recently renewed our commitment to promoting quality research within the field of AAC and have released a variety of related initiatives. In addition to launching our annual research grant, we are planning to add to our library of webinars with updates on the latest research from the authors themselves. Future editions of Agosci In Focus will also include a ‘researchers corner’ section to help share research with the wider AAC community. Within this section, we are hoping to include researcher profiles, study overviews/summaries, lists of recent publications in AAC, and advertisements for participant recruitment. If you would like to contribute to these initiatives, please contact Alison Moorcroft on agosciqld@agosci.org.au


2019 sees AGOSCI release its second AAC Research Grant.   All details are on the application form.  Key dates are:

Opens: 13th September 2019

Closes: 31st October 2019

Download the application form here


In 2018, AGOSCI introduced a research grant to the value of $1000 to support the growth of research which will contribute to enhanced outcomes and participation for people with complex communication needs. The executive would like to congratulate Dr Andy Smidt and her research team on their receipt of this award. Andy plans to use the grant to create a range of videos of people with complex communication needs using different types of AAC to interact with a communication partner in natural settings. These videos will be used for a specific study on the assessment of people with complex communication needs and will later be available as a resource for use in university courses on AAC, ensuring AGOSCI’s investment has a lasting impact on the speech pathology profession. Watch this space for updates on Andy’s work as it progresses.

Projects currently seeking participants

 Research Title

 Target Group

 Further Information

The role of retail in the social inclusion of people with complex communication needs (CCN) using augmentative and alternative communication systems (AAC).

Inclusion criteria for the research are:

  • Adults with CCN who use speech generating devices and who shop independently; that is, people who may be supported in handling goods when shopping but make their own decisions about what to buy and communicate with customer service staff;
  • Access to computer and internet (for online focus group participants and those participating in email interview methods);
  • Lifelong or acquired CCN;
  • Ability to give informed consent.

Exclusion criteria:

  • Intellectual disability or cognitive impairment that impacts on ability to give informed consent or ability to shop independently;
  • Lack of a functional AAC system;
  • Inability to use an AAC system effectively for shopping;

Contact: Sue Taylor

Email: Sue Taylor

Ph: 0408427664

Research in Progress

Researchers Name/s & Affiliation

Contact Details

Summary of
Research Topic

Additional Details

Emma Grace
Flinders University

Contact: Emma Grace

Ph: 08 7221 8895
Fax: 8201 3646
Email: Emma Grace

The effectiveness of a peer e-mentoring program supporting young people with complex communication needs to access social media as a potential strategy to increase participation in online conversations  

ABN 74 607 243 620
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