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AGOSCI Speaker Presentations

(Please note only the speakers who have given authorisation for their presentations to be made available to delegates have been provided below)

Thirumanickam, Abirami
Raghavendra, Pammi
McMillan, Julie
van Steenbrugge, Willem
Facilitating conversation skills using video modelling in verbal and non-verbal individuals with ASD: A systematic review
Hartmann, Amanda
Green, Emma
Don't be the missing link: The importance of staying connected for AAC users
Parfett, Haylee From Cookies to a Communication Community: Changing attitudes and belief systems to allow for development of functional communication in a specialist autism setting

Hoppenbrouwers, Grace
Stewart, Hugh
Kernot, Jocelyn

Investigating assistive technology assessments that can be applied to switching

Ash, Sue
Freedman, Charlene
Hueston, Anastasia

Connecting to Communicate with LAMP
Wailes, Emily Adapt’ to 'Connect': the role of the communication partner
Farrall, Jane
Barron, Fiona

Connect 2 Educate: AAC and iPads™ in the Classroom
Linden, Tanya Through the Looking Glass
Godlonton, Sandra OTs, physios and doctors can use key word sign too! Changing attitudes and practice in the use of key word sign in a multidisciplinary team

Lyon, Katie
Cullen, Charlene
Hartmann, Amanda

APPetiser: Connecting u 2 a smorgasbord of apps

Ballin, Liora
Canty, Mick
McReynolds, Ange
Weir, Cayt

Mentoring to improve speech generating device use
Spiers, Dana Our AAC journey - connecting with success
Brownlow, Elizabeth AAC and The Gadget Generation: a match (made in China)

Limbrey, Diana
Bech, Anna
Bain, Alana

Implementation of speech generating devices - facilitating function

Ungsuprasert, Nitha Shared book reading, AAC and emergent literacy skills in preschool children with Complex Communication Needs from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds
Clendon, Sally

Facilitating change – A whole-school focus on literacy

Clendon, Sally
Farrall, Jane

Balanced word instruction - supporting students with complex communication needs to crack the alphabetic code

Young, Jennifer
Shane, Leanne
Developing  a centre of expertise for students with complex communication needs
Morgan, Polly
Prout, Lesley

The writing is now on the wall-getting pencils, processes and purposeful writing on the agenda. The ongoing development of a whole school approach to writing

Forster, Sheridan
McDonald, Rachael
Hanging out program: evaluation of impact on interaction in an adult day service
Kerr, Sophie Implementing the PECS protocol to teach functional SGD use
Boland, Lisa
Bernadette, Yeo
Supporting mainstream teachers of students with complex communication needs (CCN): a new service for Sydney catholic schools
Yang, Chih-Kang
Tsai, Chih-Ling
Chung, Li-Chuan
The development of AAC intervention program to improve sentence expression for a Junior High School Student with visual and multiple Disabilities
Farrall, Jane
Hayes, Beccy
Connect2Literacy: Literacy instruction with complex students

Overington, Aaron
Turnbull, Harmony

Connecting People2People

Marden, Jennifer Expanding the circle: functional communication in morning meeting
Margetson, Kate
Carman, Sarah
Short, Kate
Friesen, Emma

Whole class therapy to implement high tech speech generating devices for students with physical disabilities

Ortolan, Viviana
Watson, Jo

Beyond Speech Alone: Making counseling accessible to people with complex communication needs

Hartmann, Amanda Proloquo2Go: Communicate, Learn, Connect!

Rezzani, Naomi
Thorne, Chelsea

Multimedia Profiling - creating communication profiles using videos, photos and the internet

Johnson, Hilary Supporting relationships for adults with intellectual disability and limited speech
Turnbull, Harmony
Burke, Felicity 
Manton, Lisa 
Cummins, Caroline 
Bell, Kate

Keeping it Simple: Training health professionals to use plain English and create accessible information.


Watson, Joanne
Hagiliassis, Nick
Wilson, Erin

Decision making for people who communicate informally within our brave new world of individualised services

Samuel, Tegan
Bigge, Victoria
Bischoff, Carla
McGregor, Karen

The AAC Classroom Approach; reconnecting with schools


Hojem, Shona Sharing our stories helps us connect - supporting people with complex and lifelong disabilities to tell their stories

Bode, Tracey
Bech, Anna
Muscat, Karyn
Potgieter, Kerrie

Eye-gaze success: more than meets the eye

Anderson, Kate
Balandin, Sue
Sancliffe, Roger

‘So Now What?' (10 questions families with a new SGD need answered)

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