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 In Focus Magazine  Summer 2020Download 
 In Focus Magazine Winter 2019 Download 
 In Focus Magazine Summer 2019 Download 
In Focus Publishing Guidelines  Download
In Focus Magazine June 2016 Download
In Focus MagazineNovember 2012 Download
In Focus MagazineJune 2011 Download
In Focus MagazineNovember 2011 Download
In Focus Magazine November 2010 Download
In Focus MagazineMay 2010 Download
In Focus MagazineNovember 2009 Download 
In Focus MagazineMay 2009  Download
In Focus Magazine November 2008 Download
In Focus Magazine May 2008 Download
In Focus MagazineNovember 2007 Download 
In Focus MagazineMay 2007 Download 

For all In Focus magazines and newsletters prior to 2007, please email the Editor. 

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