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AAC: A powerful tool

  • 18 Oct 2023
  • 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM (AEDT)
  • Online via Zoom


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AAC: A powerful tool

An AGOSCI AAC Awareness Month webinar

Presented by Hem Sid Chandran, aka Sid


Webinar Overview

In this webinar, Sid discusses his discovery of an alternative system of communication that worked for him. In this webinar he speaks about the way AAC has helped him to access the community. AAC, he says, is powerful. Sid will present on how he has used AAC to advocate for 'non-speakers' and to participate in the community. Sid has produced a book about his lived experience of Autism and his use of AAC. This webinar will explore these topics from Sid's book, and discuss Sid's experience of being an author. The webinar will include some excerpts from Sid's book.

Sid contributes to AGOSCI as an AAC Mentor. This webinar is Sid's first public event as an AGOSCI AAC Mentor. Join us to celebrate AAC Awareness Month 2023 with Sid. 


Sidharth is an autistic man who spent his early years without a formal means of communication. During his early school years, he attended autistic schools and completed his schooling at special schools.

He has a great curiosity about the nature of autism and the way it affects him. He says he wants to make a contribution to the understanding of autism. His recently published book An Unspoken Story documents his struggles with the severe communication and sensory challenges of autism. It also deals with his discovery of an alternative system of communication that worked for him. He discusses this at length in his book and in this webinar. He states that AAC made a positive difference to his life. It helped him to connect with the world. Sid is learning to advocate for himself and access the wider world outside his inner circle through AAC.

Sidharth grew up in Sydney where he has spent all of his life. He loves the outdoors and music. He loves sports such as skating, swimming and biking. He enjoys writing and considers writing to be his vocation. Sidharth has a website at Unspokenstory.com.au 

Webinar Details

This is a LIVE 30 minute webinar, held online via Zoom. 

All proceeds raised from this event will be returned to the presenter Hem Sidharth Chandran. 

A recording will be available to paid attendees, and AGOSCI members afterwards.

Start times

NSW / ACT / VIC / TAS: 11:30 pm

QLD: 10:30 am

SA: 11 am

NT: 10 am

WA: 8:30am


AGOSCI is grateful to Sid for generously sharing his lived experience. 

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