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  • Recording: Unemployment of AAC Users - Presented by Lance McLemore

Recording: Unemployment of AAC Users - Presented by Lance McLemore

  • 3 Aug 2023
  • (AEST)
  • 31 Dec 2024
  • (AEDT)
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Unemployment of AAC Users

Presented by

Lance McLemore


Webinar Overview

The ability to communicate quickly and clearly is a very important skill for everyone to have. Whether a person is an adept communicator has a tremendous influence over which opportunities they will have in their lives. This webinar will address the lack of employment opportunities for AAC users. It is a multi-layered problem: biases against AAC users’ abilities, physical barriers, lack of reliable transportation, etc. The primary goal of this webinar is to increase awareness of this problem and inspire people to start thinking about solutions.


Lance McLemore

Lance McLemore has been using AAC for about 12 years. He got his first high tech communication aid whilst in university. Since getting access to AAC, his world has greatly expanded. His current language system is LAMP Words for Life on an Accent 1000, which he received in 2016.

He graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a BA in studio art and philosophy. He still makes art in various media: drawing, painting, and fiber art.

He currently works as an ambassador for the Prentke Romich Company and the Center for AAC and Autism. He attends AAC camps, workshops, conferences, schools, and universities to talk about and advocate for greater use and acceptance of AAC. His most important message is to remind people that the purpose of AAC is to make it easier to form relationships and increase inclusion in all spheres of life.

Webinar Details

This webinar was recorded live on August 3rd, 2023.

The recording runs for 80 minutes.


AGOSCI is grateful to Lance McLemore for presenting this webinar for our audience. 

AGOSCI is an independent body and does not endorse individual products or brands. The information Lance shares in this webinar represents his own opinion, knowledge and expertise. The information Lance shares may not necessarily reflect AGOSCI's position on any given topic.

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