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Webinar Recording - AAC: A Journey that Takes a Lifetime

  • 24 Oct 2023
  • (AEDT)
  • 31 Dec 2024
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AAC: A Journey that Takes a Lifetime

An AGOSCI AAC Awareness Month webinar

Presented by Joseph Reynolds


Webinar Overview

Everyone’s AAC journey is unique and Joseph’s was too. He has used a variety of different systems over the years, from some low-tech paper based options through to electronic devices. Joseph’s journey with AAC has also coincided with the evolution and development of AAC devices. He also has had some challenges over the years with implementing AAC into schools and the community. Joseph shares anecdotes along with some tips and tricks for the implementation of AAC into everyday life.

Joseph contributes to AGOSCI as an AAC Mentor. This webinar is Joseph's first public event as an AGOSCI AAC Mentor. Join us to celebrate AAC Awareness Month 2023 with Joseph. 


Joseph lives with his parents and two siblings in Hobart, Tasmania. He uses an iPad to do everyday tasks such as communicating with people around him, writing emails and working on projects that interest him. Joseph has Cerebral Palsy, for him it only affects him physically and not his intellectual capacity. His family and community has shown patience with his communication and encouraged him to express his opinion, especially in recent years.

Joseph is active in the AAC space having presented as one of the keynote speakers at the AGOSCI conference in Hobart in 2022. He has been working as an AAC mentor with the Variety Motor Mouth Camps in Tasmania and has recently been employed as a casual Teacher Assistant in the local support school, specifically for his AAC skill set.

Joseph has a keen interest in photo manipulation as well as creating digital art. He likes comedy shows such as Brooklyn Nine Nine and enjoys the occasional Boost Juice.

Webinar Details

This 60 minute webinar was recorded live on October 24th, 2023. 


AGOSCI is grateful to Joseph for generously sharing his lived experience. 

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AGOSCI acknowledges the presence and contributions of all suppliers and resources available in the Australian and International AAC marketplace.

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